100 Reasons to Study at Vega

  1. We’re a cornerstone brand of SA’s leading private education provider, The Independent Institute of Education (IIE).
  2. The thought leaders and trailblazers in design, brand and business.
  3. 95% of 2016 IIE-Vega graduates are employed within 6 months of completing their qualification *includes part-time and freelance positions.
  4. 8200+ successful alumni and counting.
  5. Master complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity - the top 3 skills on a 2020 CV.
  6. Intensive industry engagement via real-life briefs, legendary guest lecturers, and industry immersions.
  7. A BCom in Digital Marketing (IIE) tailored for this rapidly growing field.
  8. Our international exchange programmes.
  9. The IIE is internationally accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).
  10. The only brand-focused online programmes - BA in Strategic Brand Communication (IIE) and Advanced Diploma in Brand Innovation (IIE).
  11. Our lecturers are highly qualified academics with professional industry experience.
  12. 85%+ module pass rate.
  13. National footprint.
  14. Proudly positioned on the African continent.
  15. Specialist Degree in Copywriting.
  16. 21-year legacy of excellence and growth.
  17. Writers, designers, digital designers, entrepreneurs, and strategists collaborate under one roof.
  18. Our students apply disruptive design-thinking techniques to solve complex communication challenges.
  19. Get paid to design games for a living with a BCIS in Game Design and Development (IIE).
  20. Vega Bright Star Merit Award: you excel, we cut your fees.
  21. We don’t do left or right brains – we believe in whole brains.
  22. An academic spectrum that spans from IIE higher certificates to IIE master’s.
  23. IIE higher certificates are smart springboards into IIE degrees.
  24. A Master of Arts in Creative Brand Leadership (IIE) confronts conventional models and theories of brand building.
  25. Build your network, make valuable connections, find your tribe.
  26. The Vega Bursary Programme sees year-on-year investment in deserving students.
  27. Pitching your ideas with confidence and charisma becomes second nature.
  28. Vega Advisory Council: industry experts and academic leaders provide invaluable input to our curriculum.
  29. A BA in Strategic Brand Communication (IIE) dives deep into communication networks and platforms.
  30. Vega lives in the convergence era: collaboration and co-creation across disciplines is standard.
  31. Intensive short courses in design, brand, and business.
  32. Real-world work experience is central to the curriculum.
  33. IIE Vega graduates hit the ground running.
  34. BA Honours in Strategic Brand Communication (IIE) graduates creatively and strategically agile thinkers.
  35. Industry immersions at leading businesses with strong potential to be hired.
  36. Vega’s signature Brand Challenge: real clients, real briefs, real time, real pressure.
  37. We are privately owned which means less politics.
  38. IIE-Vega Graduates exit with a professional, highly individualised industry-ready portfolio.
  39. We compete in The One Show Young Ones, Loeries, D&AD, Pendorings, PG Bison, PromaxBDA, Bookmarks, Adfocus, and the Goldpack awards.
  40. 131 Loeries and counting.
  41. BCom in Strategic Brand Management (IIE) students don’t write a 2000-word essay on impactful brands, they create the business plan for it.
  42. 21 years later, our founders are still immersed in our school.
  43. wisdomwithmagic is the DNA that guides the design and delivery of all that we do.
  44. Campuses in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria create a network of over 3000 students.
  45. Vega runs on purpose-built curriculum content based on progressive principles.
  46. Rub shoulders with influential industry experts who participate in discussion sessions, seminars, and creative reviews.
  47. The BA in Digital Design (IIE) covers everything from interactive and animation to VFX and game design.
  48. An opportunity to shine at the prestigious Vega Annual Industry Showcase Event.
  49. Be in demand. Vega students are routinely headhunted whilst still studying.
  50. From your own fashion brand to haute couture with a BA in Fashion Design (IIE).
  51. We meet local and UK private higher education standards.
  52. Unlimited access to the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite.
  53. Vega embraces cutting-edge digital learning tools Blackboard Learn and Lynda.com.
  54. BCom Honours in Strategic Brand Management (IIE) moulds business mavericks and innovators.
  55. The Vega philosophy is modelled on brands that add meaningful and tangible value to life.
  56. Innovation is a mindset that permeates all of our practice.
  57. Our students serve on the Brand Council.
  58. The Postgraduate Diploma (IIE) graduates versatile brand planners and communicators.
  59. We believe that brands can change the world.
  60. We believe in ethical brand building and business.
  61. Vega lives and breathes the spirit of entrepreneurship and trans-disciplinary collaboration.
  62. Customised portals, forums, tools, and platforms aid a seamless learning environment.
  63. The Advanced Diploma in Brand Innovation (IIE) explores the planning of innovative and sustainable brand strategies.
  64. IIE Vega alumni are blazing trails in top positions in various industries around the world.
  65. Breaking rules isn’t frowned upon, it’s encouraged.
  66. We have fun being serious and are serious about having fun.
  67. The BA in Graphic Design (IIE) blends strategic thinking with visual communication to address real-world problems.
  68. We’re creative problem solvers. In other words, our students are more likely to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  69. In 1999 Vega came to life in a born-free South Africa.
  70. Vega’s doors were opened by visionary SA entrepreneur Robbie Brozin, founder of Nando’s.
  71. We celebrate alumni as guest lecturers, clients, and mentors.
  72. Students and alumni are proud members of Generation V.
  73. We believe that the most effective strategy is inherently creative and creativity inherently strategic.
  74. The BBA in Brand Building and Management (IIE) unleashes entrepreneurial potential.
  75. Our students learn for life, not for school.
  76. Protect yourself from career-stealing robots with a future-proofed IIE degree.
  77. Make money doing what you love.
  78. We welcome accountants, economists, lawyers, bankers, and engineers with a desire to change the world.
  79. The school where the creativity of business and the business of creativity meet.
  80. The IIE is not constrained by establishments.
  81. We’re young and agile and don't subscribe to institutional thinking.
  82. Get the most out of Lynda.com, the world's greatest repository of online learning materials.
  83. In the creative economy, ideas matter. Now more than ever.
  84. You will not be force fed but design your own journey: Vega is about guidance, nurturing, and navigation.
  85. Learn what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, why you do it.
  86. The BA in Interior Design (IIE) innovates the spaces in which people live and work.
  87. With Gen V workshops and Vega Vibe you will #findyourpurpose before leaving school.
  88. Crayon bright spaces.
  89. We believe in the basics: rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty is still the best way to learn.
  90. Specialise and develop your unique photographic style with the Higher Certificate in Photography (IIE).
  91. Vega is grounded in boundless imagination and borderless knowledge.
  92. We are obsessed with pencils.
  93. Tap into Vega’s vast network and resources as both a student and alumni.
  94. Vega hosts multiple open days throughout the year if this list is not reason enough.
  95. You will be studying at a place named after the brightest navigational star.
  96. We care (a lot).
  97. We are the only brand-focused school ranked #1 by the Loeries in Africa and the Middle East.
  98. 1 out of every 2 IIE-Vega graduates secured employment before graduating.
  99. We’ve been waiting for you.
  100. At Vega, you’ll Find Your Purpose.