Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Specialist

The Brand Digital Marketing Specialist role has been created to increase skillset and capacity in the Digital Marketing space within the brands and brand-groupings.

The Digital Marketing Specialist’s role is to design, create, and deliver on Digital Marketing activities to support expansion and growth of the brands and brand groupings in which he/she works, through lead generation.

Educational Requirements:

Degree / Diploma in Digital Marketing.


  • Relevant Certifications in Google Products (AdWords, Analytics, Remarketing etc.).
  • Facebook Blueprint Certified.

Experience Requirements:

  • 2 years - Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • 4 years - Digital Marketing Assistant.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement digital media campaigns aligned with Brand goals and broader marketing strategy and plan, with a primary focus on quality lead generation for the brand, in conjunction with agencies and central support office roles where applicable
  • Creation of digital content on available Digital Platforms (e.g. Websites, Blogs, Google Business, Social Media etc)
  • Have an understanding of the analytics that lie behind campaigns and how to optimise based on learnings. Use available Dashboards to consistently benchmark and where needed use other data to delve deeper into results.
  • Serve as the primary custodian of the brand websites and the supporting content and work with the central web developer to ensure the optimisation of the site
  • Establish our web presence to boost brand awareness and generate leads
  • Maintain a strong online company voice through social media as well as manage social platform
  • Generate monthly reports related to activities and lead generation
  • Liaise and communicate consistently with Brand Marketing and sales managers to ensure alignment with broader marketing plan
  • Liaise with each campus social media representative and principal regarding digital marketing elements needed, specific to their needs and campus (in line with the brand strategy)
  • Monitor ROI and KPIs
  • Stay up to date with digital media developments and competitor activity.Continuously evaluate where there is a need to adjust plans that will allow us to react proactively to the changes in the market and general trends
  • Have an understanding on basic SEO practices
Posted on : 02/09/2022 09:32
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