Internships are often the start of a prosperous career at a company/agency

Why intern?

At Vega, we aim to equip our students with skills to make a positive contribution to the workplace. As such, internships are incorporated into our official curricula to help ease into real-world branding, marketing and advertising positions. Internships are often the start of a prosperous career at a company/agency. They are an invaluable chance to meet and interact with your new marketing and advertising industry peers, socially and professionally.


Our internship programme

All final-year, postgraduate diploma and degree students are required to successfully complete a 3-4 week internship before they graduate. These internships aim to create unique opportunities for students to experience real-life working situations within a company or agency. They also allow for employers to engage with young creative talent. They also provide the ideal opportunity for both the employer and the intern to form a long-term relationship. Our students often secure full-time positions at the ​same company or agency where they completed their internships. ​