Prof Nina de Klerk

Prof Nina de Klerk
National Head:
PhD in Communications (UJ)

Research Interests: Communications spanning marketing, corporate and strategic communication, advertising, strategic branding, and reputational development.

Full Bio

Nina de Klerk is emeritus professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Johannesburg, where she still supervises PhD students. She also manages the national master’s programme for the IIE/Vega. She has held several senior research and academic positions. Some of her notable achievements include being a guest lecturer at UCLA (Sacramento) and a Distinguished Visiting Radcliffe Professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She was also a participant in the United States South Africa Leadership Exchange Programme (USSALEP); an expert witness on the effects of media restrictions in South Africa at The Council on Foreign Relations in New York; and a member of the IDASA-sponsored delegation of women to meet with ANC women in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Professor de Klerk is also a distinguished practitioner, and industry representative, having represented the South African advertising industry at several international meetings and conferences in Bahrain, Bermuda, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. She has held various advisory roles and has been a board member of reputable organisations.