Bernadine Pretorius

IIE Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interior Design


Interior Architect and shareholder at Heartspace Interior Design

​CLASS OF 2014

​Bernadine is an Interior Architect and shareholder at Heartspace Interior Design, that specialise in corporate, residential, retail and hospitality design. Their mission is to create spaces that are meaningful not only to their clients but to the people involved in creating them. She's passionate about supporting local communities and strives to involve small local businesses where possible. She wants to build spaces that do good and feel good. During her degree, she learnt how to prepare her work to visually sell her ideas to clients. She walked into the industry with a good understanding of what is required and expected. She also learnt to manage her time effectively and work well under pressure. She recommends The IIE's BA in Interior Design because it "offers opportunities to engage with the projects from a more practical perspective" so she was proficient in industry standard design presentations and the relevant technical documentation. This meant she was able to enter the job market with a practical knowledge which would have taken a long time working in the industry to learn.