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IIE-Vega School

Hello past, present, and future Veganites. Since 1999 we’ve been graduating forward-thinking minds, big-thinking dreamers, and strategic-thinking doers. It’s what the world is forever in need of. We’re where design, brand and business meets. Where wisdomwithmagic permeates every qualification. Where you’ll leave with one of the most sought-after skills in the job market today. The ability to solve major issues through creative solution seeking.

Our campuses & facilities

Brand Challenge &
Brand Activation

The IIE-Vega vision of graduating a new breed of industry-ready iconoclasts is perhaps most fully realised in the famous IIE-Vega Brand Challenge. This exciting annual event puts students in the real world in order to give tangible substance to what it means to be creatively strategic and strategically creative.

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Student Life

Build your network, make valuable connections, find your tribe. You will not be force-fed but design your own journey: Vega is about guidance, nurturing, and navigation.

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We are proud to boast of the multitude of success stories that are IIE-Vega alumni. Not only do they enjoy jet-propelled career trajectories but embody the Vega spirit of continuously questioning norms. They continuously evolve, innovate and add value to lives through the power of brands.

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