Moosa Molibeli

IIE BCom Honours in Strategic Brand Management


Junior Strategy and Insights Specialist at Liquorish Ink

​CLASS OF 2017

What is your current position?

Junior Strategy and Insights Specialist at Liquorish Ink

How did The IIE's Vega School prepare you for your current role?

Vega was certainly a great spring board for this career path. My major was heavily focused on brand strategy. It helped shape my thinking and understanding. Although the focus was on brand building and strategy, there were elements that included finance, economics and the legal dynamics of brand building and strategy. This certainly provided a holistic view and approach to brand strategy.

Why should someone do their postgraduate studies at The IIE's Vega School?

For one, Vega is widely recognised and highly considered in the branding and marketing industry. The school is also great for networking. I have managed to meet and mingle with some of the greatest thought leaders in SA. I also love how the lecturers always go above and beyond to help you push through your boundaries. It is a fantastic place to study.

What is your undergrad and where did you complete it?

BBusSci (Hons) in Economics, UCT