Ziphozihle (Zika) Kati

IIE Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Creative Brand Communication | Copywriting as the core discipline

Cape Town

Junior Designer at Absa, Africa Design Office


​Zika is a Junior Designer at the renowned Absa, Africa Design Office. Since completing her degree, she participated in the year-long Graduate Design Programme that Absa runs to seek out emerging talent and has had the opportunity to work in various teams and specialize in numerous fields, such as Service Design, UX/UI Design, Copywriting/UX Writing and Prototype Engineering. She has added extra value to her role at Absa by constantly innovating to solve problems that her team faces with Design Thinking and maintaining a solution-driven focus. Throughout the challenges she deals with on a day-to-day basis she has utilizes the Design Thinking and conceptual skills she honed while studying her degree. As a trained Copywriter, she also has a rare and much-needed skill in the office that gives her an edge over her peers. 

Zika appreciates the focus her degree had on Design Thinking and how she learnt how to think of a unique concept, as well as improve on her writing ability. During her time at The IIE's Vega she "learnt to be efficient in branding a product or service in a way that is appealing to [her] target market" through market research and insights. She recommends The IIE BA in Creative Brand Communications with a core discipline in Copywriting because of how employable it has made her because she graduated as an expert in her field and has found her skills and expertise in high demand, fast-tracking her career and creating the opportunity for exponential growth.