Five Reasons Why it’s Never too Late to Get that Degree

Having a degree or postgraduate qualification puts you on track to go after the career you really want. For some, the thought of entering the student world can be intimidating for people who feel they're either too old or too busy to commit to degree studies. For this reason, online qualifications are on the rise.

"But a degree isn't just the status symbol it's often seen as," Cynthia Olmesdahl, online strategist at The IIE's Vega. "It's the gamechanger every professional needs to open new doors in their career, and an opportunity to open your mind to the world and people that exist outside of what you already know."

Here are five reasons why you should never let anything, your age, a busy schedule or life's challenges, stand in the way of you obtaining a full-time, part-time or online degree

  1. Learning is a lifelong journey
    If you think studying is reserved for people in their late teens and early twenties, think again. Your maturity and life experience mean that you’re probably in a far better position to truly reap the benefits of higher education. Keep in mind that a degree isn’t just about earning a qualification but opening your eyes to a greater understanding of the world around you. The same goes for those who may have already completed their studies and believe that studying further isn’t necessary.

    You’re never too old or accomplished to learn something new. We all need to make lifelong learning our new mantra, particularly if we want to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

  2. Online qualifications are more convenient
    If you worry that attending lectures will be too overwhelming for your already busy schedule, online learning is a digital game-changer that gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.

    For instance, the IIE BA in Strategic Brand Communication degree (for those who want to pursue a career as innovative strategic brand builders) and the IIE BCom Honours in Strategic Brand Management (for professionals who want to build on their undergraduate qualifications) are both strong degree options available to study online. Apply at The IIE's Vega today.

    “Many people prefer online learning because it gives them the ability to study in their own time from wherever they are in the world. The online students we work with are based around the world, from Tanzania to South Korea and even the UAE,” says Olmesdahl.

    She adds that The IIE’s Vega has received incredibly positive feedback from online students. According to them, the learning material is “interactive and engaging”. It also, “brings out one's creativity when it comes to tasks”, and “helps to establish a solid foundation for business communication”. Others appreciate that the lecturers have “a ton of real-life experience, which is so valuable” and are “enthusiastic during live sessions”.

  3. You can still work while you study
    If your everyday responsibilities, like your job or spending time with family, are keeping you from getting a degree, there is the option of studying part-time. While it may be challenging to juggle, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience both personally and career-wise. You can apply the knowledge and skills you learn through your studies to your role in the workplace to broaden your understanding and expertise. As a result, you can pay off your studies as you go, instead of having to worry about the cost of studying full time.

  4. Boost your employability
    Want to improve your chances of landing the career of your dreams? Perhaps you would like to make greater strides in your career. Studying towards a degree will boost your chances and help you gain an edge over other candidates. Having a degree doesn’t just mean you’ve managed to successfully pass a few modules, it also shows you’re capable of thinking strategically. This is because you would have developed a range of skills that are valuable in a team and within the workplace.

  5. You can find your purpose
    You may believe that your current job or career is the only option for you. You may have spent many years believing that this role is the right one for you. What if your career were to be even more fulfilling? Ask yourself, do you truly love what you do? Are your contributions meaningful to you and valued by your company? If there is any doubt in your mind, then you owe it yourself and your future to take steps to find a fulfilling path that brings you joy. A degree can help you discover where your passion and purpose lie, and open doors to a range of new opportunities.

    Getting a degree puts you on the fast track for success – open your mind to new industries and worlds, find the career that truly fulfils you and start your lifelong journey of learning today. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams. To find out more about the IIE range of online qualifications, please click here.

10/5/2020 12:00 AM