Generation Vega

About Generation Vega

Generation V believes that the only meaningful social, cultural and economic exchange is that which adds value to the lives of all people. We believe that the only meaningful brands are those that live this purpose by taking total responsibility for every decision they make.

We will unlock the potential of the future through our creativity, our passion and the power of ideas that create value for all.

At Vega:

  • We teach, and act, to make brands, business and design work towards a better life for all
  • We believe in wisdomwithmagic: strategic thinking to produce original ideas; creative work with strategic intent
  • We believe in always being immediately human and in having crayon bright fun
  • We work together, for then great things happen

What does Generation Vega believe in?

  • Being conscientious and committed to social justice.
  • Being enterprising and innovative
  • Using their tech-savvy to be tech-smart by leveraging the power of technology to add value to society.

What are the qualities of Generation V?

  • They are passionate about change
  • They are determined to make the world a better place
  • Innovative and enterprising
  • Highly sensitive to the world around them
  • Strongly motivated to see the former triumph over the latter
  • Aware of the difference between right and wrong
  • Afro-optimists, mavericks, change-agents and design thinkers
  • Have an intuitive understanding of how brands hold the power to lever progress and add value to lives.
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