Industry Immersion | IIE-Vega School

Industry immersion is often the start of a prosperous career

This page has been developed to provide support for all our IIE-Vega students and graduates, as well as our Industry Partners, Corporates, and the Recruitment industry. Although IIE-Vega will, under no circumstances, disclose any details about any of our students or graduates, we are able to assist you in letting them all know about your needs, available opportunities, and vacancies.

Should your brand have a position available, simply post a brief job spec, with your specific requirements (e.g. software, qualifications, skills, experience required, etc.), the geographical area where the position will be based, and an email address for their applications to be sent.

If you are offering an internship of any kind, please indicate duration, required hours, and whether or not it is paid. Anyone who is interested, and suitably qualified or experienced, will respond directly to this link. We are reluctant to share remuneration figures, as that is a confidential matter, and should be discussed at the interview stage.