International Students

International students are required to provide the following

IIE-Vega not only attracts local students who are cut from a different cloth, but International Students too, who aim to find their purpose at the only branding-centric school in the country. Please bear the following check-list in mind if you are an International Student applying at IIE-Vega.

*Note: the study permit / visa application process, SAQA evaluation and USAf certification can take many weeks to complete so please ensure that you start the process timeously in order to enable you to commence your studies at the start of semester one.

international students
  1. Completed online application.
  2. Proof of payment of application fee and deposit. International payments may be processed either via your local bank using the swift code ABSAZAJJ to the IIE-Vega banking details or you can start the payment process at
  3. Certified copy of student passport.
  4. Certified copy of account payer passport.
  5. Certified copy of valid study permit made out to The Independent Institute of Education and valid for the full duration of study.*
  6. National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification, along with certified copy of SAQA evaluation of foreign qualification and translation of document into English, if necessary (required for Higher Certificate / Postgraduate degree entry).*
  7. USAf exemption certificate (required for degree entry).*
  8. International students will be subject to an International Student Levy of R4000, payable when registering.