Research Articles

Authors: Mitchell Baumann and Ivan Mkhomazi (Supervisor)
The role of advertising on perceived quality of fast-moving consumer goods
The advertisement industry has experienced significant advances in recent years due to the growth and explosion of new technologies and platforms which resulted in the sales of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FCMGs) in Africa on a steady decline.
Authors: Amara Nkem Abonta and Dr Patricia Harpur
An exploration of Human Interaction as an element of Customer Experience within the Age of Digital Transformation: A multi-case study of Standard Bank and Capitec Bank
The digital revolution is redefining the banking customer experience. This study sought to explore what the role of the bank branch (human interaction) plays in the banking customer experience of the digital age – particularly within the South African banking context.
Authors: Ntwenhle Khumalo and Dr Francì Cronjé
How quality perceptions impact South Africa’s brand choices: a case study on Maxed vs. Nike
In a small-scale qualitative research aiming to understand how perceptions about quality influence the brands that South Africans choose, the Mr. Price Sport brand Maxed, and Nike were used to draw comparisons between the local and global branding practices respectively, and how these impacted consumers’ perceptions.
Authors: Adam Tate Sturmheit and Helena van Wyk (Supervisor)
An exploration of the influence of satirical advertising on building brand equity amongst South African millennials
Due to the continuously increasing importance of differentiation in the marketplace, building strong brand equity has become a crucial element of competition, and brands are constantly seeking unique methods of appealing to consumers.

Images via Pixabay under CC0.