Social Media Marketing Short Course - Distance

Qualification information
  • COURSE: Short Courses
  • MODE: Distance


Digital and virtual networks ever-increasingly facilitate the immediate sharing of ideas and information. Brand networks and ecosystems are built and grow by connecting with stakeholder audiences on many different social media platforms, supporting and completing other communication and media strategies. Omnichannel digital marketing is rooted in a solid understanding of market variables, trend forecasting, consumer insights and stakeholder relationships. What is communicated, how it is communicated and the legitimacy of messaging can make or break a brand. Social media marketing requires a focused approach built on brand values and purpose, integrating both owned and earned-media options. In this short course we examine how brand owners, managers and communicators are leveraging social media choices to deliver authentic and consistent communication to maximise brand-building opportunities.

Who should join? 

The course is aimed at individuals who are marketing managers, social media managers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, PR professionals, communication managers and marketing professionals.

This short course covers:

  • The concept of social media marketing within the media landscape
  • The importance of research in social media marketing
  • Segmenting the social media consumer market
  • Understanding social media behaviour
  • Identifying the various social media channels for brand building
  • Optimising social media platforms using analytics tools
  • Social media marketing strategy and process
  • Social media advertising and budget setting
  • The social media publishing zone and content strategy
  • Creating, distributing, and publishing content
  • Social media metrics and analytics
  • Online reputation management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Creating a social media playbook

How will I benefit?

  • Connect with audiences through social media to generate brand awareness, leads and sales, and increase brand equity
  • Use the numerous social media categories and platforms to understand and reach an audience
  • Leverage new ideas and channels for engaging with an audience more effectively
  • Plan social media activity to maximise available opportunities
  • Understand social metrics and their value in monitoring and tracking brand performance

Distance delivery includes:

  • An online learning system that leads students through the content, prescribed material and activities.
  • Online academic navigators (tutors) who are subject experts and maintain the human experience of the learning process.
  • Weekly live sessions with the course’s online navigator.
  • An online success navigator who supports students throughout the learning journey.
  • Access to our online information centre.


  • Scheduled live sessions generally take place after hours.
  • While you can generally structure your study time as you need, there are scheduled online sessions during which you will get mediated support. Scheduled assessments in the form of online activities and assignments are paced to ensure your studies progress.
  • A reliable internet connection, own device with (at least) Windows 7 and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Firefox and 5-10 GB of data are essential to enrol on this short course.

To succeed in your distance journey, you need to be:

  • Self-motivated and invested in your learning journey.
  • Disciplined and able to balance studying with work and family commitments.
  • Able to direct your own studies, maintaining a diligent pace.

To assist you in succeeding in your distance journey, our teaching approach is:

  • Student-centric: we facilitate your thought processes to foster innovative ideas and creative solutions.
  • Authentic: we use real-life examples and case studies.
  • Activity-based: We move your learning forward through applied activities and assessments.
  • Discussion-based: we ask you questions and stimulate debate to provoke deep thought and insights about course content.

*In the case of insufficient registrations, or other unforeseen circumstances, IIE-Vega reserves the right, at any time, to either postpone or cancel any Short Course.

Tuition Fees

Course Fee for registrations starting in 2024

  • R14 000 Full Settlement Total Fee
  • R14 300 Instalment Total Fee (2 Monthly Instalments)
  • A Deposit of R4 290 is included in the Total Fee

Prescribed Textbook:

Social Media Marketing by Tuten, T.L. & Solomon, M.R. (2021) Fourth Edition. ISBN: 2020 ISBN: 9781529731996/9781529731989 (print); eBook ISBN 9781529738018

Participants need to purchase the prescribed textbook, our preferred supplier is: Wize Books -


9 weeks online (including orientation)


  • 09.04.2024 - 28.05.2024 (Registration closes on 1 April, Orientation starts on 2 April)
  • 25.06.2024 - 13.08.2024 (Registration closes on 17 June, Orientation starts on 18 June)

Please Note: The following documentation is required upon registration.

  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of account payer ID (not applicable if company sponsor)
  • Company letter/ Purchase Order (only applicable if your organisation is paying for your studies)