Brand and Marketing Management Short Course - Distance

Qualification information
  • COURSE: Short Courses
  • MODE: Distance


This online course develops theoretical and practical competence in the broader field of brand building and marketing, while exposing participants to real-life case studies and solution-based brand building challenges. Competency is developed by applying theories and principles to real-life scenarios.

This short course covers:

  • The role of design thinking and innovation in strategic brand building
  • The relationship between business, brand, and marketing
  • The concepts of purposeful brand and meaningful brand building
  • Brand leadership and management
  • Analysing and segmenting markets
  • Brand values and competitive positioning
  • Stakeholder journey mapping
  • Integrated brand communications strategy development
  • Internal and external brand communication
  • Writing a basic communications brief
  • Integrated channel and media planning
  • Planning and measuring a brand building strategy

Who should join?
This online course is aimed at middle managers working in the brand, marketing and communications industry or anyone wanting to change fields and needing to learn more about brand, marketing and strategy. The short course may also support those with undergraduate degrees in fields other than brand and marketing as a ‘bridge’ to understanding branding concepts and principles when considering further studies in this field.

How will I benefit?
This short course will develop your ability to integrate knowledge from the fields of brand and marketing management and you will gain a systemic understanding of current thinking, practice, theory and methodology. You will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the broader concepts of brand building, marketing, communications, creativity and innovation
  • Apply a purposeful brand-business approach to brand and marketing management
  • Demonstrate the ability to think creatively, innovatively and strategically
  • Develop realistic and integrated brand communication plans and objectives

Online delivery includes:

  • An online learning system that leads students through the content, prescribed material and activities.
  • Online academic navigators (tutors) who are subject experts and maintain the human experience of the learning process.
  • Weekly live sessions with the course’s online navigator.
  • An online success navigator who supports students throughout the learning journey.
  • Access to our online information centre.


  • Scheduled live sessions generally take place after hours.
  • While you can generally structure your study time as you need, there are scheduled online sessions during which you will get mediated support. Scheduled assessments in the form of online activities and assignments are paced to ensure your studies progress.
  • A reliable internet connection, own device with (at least) Windows 7 and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Firefox and 5-10 GB of data are essential to enrol on this short course.

To succeed in your online journey, you need to be:

  • Self-motivated and invested in your learning journey.
  • Disciplined and able to balance studying with work and family commitments.
  • Able to direct your own studies, maintaining a diligent pace.

To assist you in succeeding in your online journey, our teaching approach is:

  • Student-centric: we facilitate your thought processes to foster innovative ideas and creative solutions.
  • Authentic: we use real-life examples and case studies.
  • Activity-based: We move your learning forward through applied activities and assessments.
  • Discussion-based: we ask you questions and stimulate debate to provoke deep thought and insights about course content.

*In the case of insufficient registrations, or other unforeseen circumstances, IIE-Vega reserves the right, at any time, to either postpone or cancel any Short Course.

Tuition Fees

Course Fee for registrations starting in 2024

  • R15 000 Full Settlement Total Fee
  • R15 300 Instalment Total Fee (2 Monthly Instalments)
  • A Deposit of R4 590 is included in the Total Fee

Prescribed Textbook:

The Brand Book by Thomas Oosthuizen (2013). ISBN: 9781920292140.

Participants need to purchase the prescribed textbook, from


9 weeks online (including orientation)


  • 09.04.2024 - 28.05.2024 (Registration closes on 1 April, Orientation starts on 2 April)
  • 25.06.2024 - 13.08.2024 (Registration closes on 17 June, Orientation starts on 18 June)

Please Note: The following documentation is required upon registration.

  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of account payer ID (not applicable if company sponsor)
  • Company letter/ Purchase Order (only applicable if your organisation is paying for your studies)