IIE Higher Certificate in Digital Marketing - Distance

Qualification information
  • COURSE: Higher Certificates
  • MODE: Distance
  • DURATION: 1 Year
  • NQF LEVEL: 5
  • CREDITS: 120
  • SAQA ID: 111345


The purpose of this IIE qualification is to develop learners that demonstrate introductory knowledge and skills in the digital marketing field. Learners will be able to understand digital marketing practices and techniques, including the role and practice of communication, marketing and campaign planning. This will enable learners to apply their knowledge and skills in the dynamic and agile digital marketing environment.


  • Digital and Academic Literacies
  • Digital Marketing 1A
  • Introduction to Quantitative Thinking and Techniques
  • Marketing 1
  • Digital Marketing 1B
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Marketing in the 21st Century
  • Work Integrated Learning

Study further with IIE Pathways
The successful completion of the IIE Higher Certificate in Digital Marketing enables you to progress into any one of the IIE Brand Management Undergraduate qualifications delivered at IIE Vega.

Distance delivery includes:

  • A distance learning system that leads students through the content, prescribed material and activities.
  • Distance academic navigators (tutors) who are subject experts and maintain the human experience of the learning process.
  • Weekly live sessions with your distance navigators.
  • A dedicated success navigator who supports students throughout the learning journey.
  • Access to our distance information centre and resources.

Note: While you can generally structure your study time as you need, there are scheduled distance sessions during which you will get mediated support. Scheduled assessments in the form of online activities, assignments and exams are paced to ensure your studies progress.

What you need in terms of technology, time and materials:

  • A reliable internet connection (we recommend 5-10GB of data per month), your own device with at least Windows 7 (Microsoft Office 365 is available as a free download for IIE students), and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Firefox.
  • Prescribed textbooks are available for online purchase.
  • Distance students need to commit to approximately 20-25 hours a week for distance engagement (most of which is after hours) with material and assessments to succeed.
  • All final semester exams need to be written at an IIE campus or other approved exam centre.

Please note synchronous sessions generally take place after hours.

To succeed in your distance journey, you need to be:

  • Self-motivated and invested in your learning journey.
  • Disciplined and able to balance studying with work and family commitments.
  • Able to direct your own studies, maintaining a diligent pace.

To assist you in succeeding in your distance journey, our teaching approach is:

  • Student-centric: we facilitate your thought processes to foster innovative ideas and creative solutions.
  • Authentic: we use real-life examples and case studies.
  • Activity-based: We move your learning forward through applied activities and assessments.
  • Discussion-based: we ask you questions and stimulate debate to provoke deep thought and insights about course content.

Tuition Fees

First year fee for new registrations starting in 2024
R49 000 Full Settlement Total Fee
R51 600 Instalment Total Fee (6 Monthly Instalments)
R52 560 Instalment Total Fee (10 Monthly Instalments)

A *Pre-Registration Fee of R2 500 is included in the Total Fee
Deposit of R15 480 is included in the Total Fee for the 6 Instalments option.
*Refundable if admission criteria for the qualification is not met.

Please note:

  • Applications for the 2024 intake are subject to a non-refundable application fee of R400.
  • You will be required to complete a new contract annually which will include fees for that year.
  • Returning students can consult the bill of costs on the website to obtain their 2024 fees based on their basket of modules.

Entry Requirements

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Higher Certificate admission- A minimum of 30% for English is required ; OR
  • A National Certificate (Vocational) NC(V) with Higher Certificate admission – A minimum of 40% in English; OR
  • A Senior Certificate (SC) (without endorsement) 33.3% in English ; OR
  • A Senior Certificate (Amended) SC(A) with Higher Certificate admission- A minimum of 30% in LOLT in NSC/ SC(a) OR with a min. of 33.3% in SC; OR
  • For international qualifications: A SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NSC L4 equivalence with at least 30% or equivalent for English

Senate Discretionary Admission
Mature Age Exemption:

  • Candidates must have attempted the Senior Certificate, attained the age of 23 before or during the first year of registration with three years’ work experience and proven ability relating to the proposed programme as well as adequate communication skills; OR
  • Candidates must have attained the age of 45 before or during the first year of registration.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Where candidates do not satisfy the formal admission requirements for this qualification, The IIE may consider an admission application in terms of the Credit Accumulation and Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and Qualification Completion Policy (IIE010).

General Education Development (GED) - An USA qualification developed by the American Council on Education (ACE).

  • Candidates with a GED qualification may be admitted if they have a SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NSC L4 equivalence, as well as minimum score of 145 out of 200 for all 4 GED subjects.

OQSF Qualifications

  • Candidates with an OQSF Level 5 or N4-N6 qualifications or combination of N3 and SC subjects, or an NSC (FET Colleges) with N3 subjects may be admitted to Higher Certificate Studies.

Should you have any other school leaving qualification not mentioned above, please reach out to a contact navigator.

Jobs in this field:
  • Digital Marketing Assistant 
  • Digital Marketing Administrator 
  • Email Marketing Assistant 
  • Email Marketing Administrator 
  • E-commerce Assistant
  • E-commerce Administrator 
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Administrator